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Cristiane Lucena Carneiro holds a Ph.D. in Politics (New York University) and a B.A. in Law (Federal University of Pernambuco). She is an Assistant Professor at the International Relations Institute, University of Sao Paulo, and has experience in the areas of compliance, regime design, the WTO, migration and human rights. She is affiliated with the Center for the Study of International Negotiations (CAENI) and with the Center of Comparative and International Studies (NECI). She is currently a visiting scholar at Perry World House, University of Pennsylvania. Her research investigates the impact of institutional complexity on compliance with international legal commitments, with a particular focus on the Inter-American Human Rights System. Another research project focuses on emerging democracies in the WTO. She is also interested in institutional design, with an emphasis on the role of flexibility in treaty commitments. She teaches courses in international relations, human rights, and international law. Cristiane has published on alternative dispute resolution in the WTO, international regime design, and economic sanctions and human rights.

Áreas de pesquisa:

•  Economia Política Internacional
•  Solução de Controvérsias na OMC
•  Direitos Humanos
•  Regimes Internacionais

Disciplinas no Bacharelado em Relações Internacionais:

• BRI0012 - Política I – Introdução à Ciência Política para Relações Internacionais
• BRI0019 - Teoria dos Jogos Aplicada às Relações Internacionais
• BRI0035 - Direitos Humanos e Desenvolvimento
• BRI0045 - Regimes Internacionais em Perspectiva Comparada
• BRI0053 - A Dimensão Política da Proteção Internacional aos Direitos Humanos

Disciplinas de Pós-Graduação em Relações Internacionais:

• DIN5905 - Direito Internacional e Governança Global

Publicações recentes:

The Oxford Handbook of International Commercial Policy Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional
Brazilian Political Science Review Law Annotated: The Arms Trade Treaty Revista International Interactions